Washington Bridge League
(Unit 147)

Linda Marshall, President
Hadi Abushakra, Vice President
American Contract Bridge League

District 6

Direct scoring questions to:Unit Round Robin
Steve Robinson     

2016 Standings and Teams
COORDINATOR: The Coordinator for this event is Steve Robinson, 2891 South Abingdon Street, #A2 Arlington VA 22206. He can be reached at 703-379-4371. If Steve cannot be reached for an urgent matter, such as approval of a substitute for a team member who is ill, then a committee member should be contacted. The coordinator in consultation with other committee members has the authority to modify or interpret the rules in the best interest of the event.

0-100 COORDINATOR: The 0-100 Coordinator for this event is Matt Lahut, 518.596.2979, mlahut@yahoo.com
2017 Conditions of Contest
2017 Conditions of Contest - NLM
Don Berman, Web Master